Stupid local news

This is the kind of insanity I deal with on a daily basis here in East TN.
s it just me or is this asshole father focusing on the wrong part of this story.He is worried about his name being tarnished because the police say his son was “butt chugging” alcohol.He isn’t concerned with the fact that his idiot kid almost died from alcohol poisoning. This ladies and gentlemen is proof of all that is wrong with the people in this country.


Astounded by ignorance on the internet.

It truly scares me the level of stupidity on social media sites.People arguing points with no basis in fact.When they run into someone that challenges them they spin their argument in a different direction.Take for instance the logic that it doesn’t matter how powerful a gun is,only the amount of rounds it can fire with a single trigger pull.Let me preface this rant.I am not anti-gun,I am anti-NRA.The NRA has gone so far off the deep end with gun rights that it even scares their members.I asked this question,why does anyone need an assault rifle?I got a few answers,one being that gun enthusiasts like the power.Another decided to go a different way and tell me how assault rifles are the same as any other rifle.Well last time I looked a typical hunting rifle didn’t hold enough ammo to take on a small army.I am also tired of the argument that if someone wants to do harm they will find a way.Well lets analyze that statement.While true on some levels it is very hard to walk into a crowded theater with a knife/sword and kill 12 people.As I see it there needs to be tighter restriction on the ease with which to buy a gun.Gun shows in particular need to be better regulated.There is a problem when I can go to a gun show,buy a high powered military grade sniper rifle, and walk out  no questions asked.Now there are people out there that say they agree with that,all the while making excuses as to why it shouldnt be done.So which one is it.Guns need tighter controls or just let anyone and everyone buy their weapon of choice?Here are just a few links to give you an idea how far off the NRA has gone.

This is just some of the insanity the NRA has fought for.


StumbleUpon is a tool bar.I have only used it with Internet Explorer and Firefox.What you do is download the toolbar.Install it to your browser and you then sign up for your own page.You pick what topics interest you.You then proceed to click the Stumble button on your browser.Each time you do you have the choice of clicking Like,Dislike(thumbs up or down) or just clicking Stumble again.Each time you click like the web site gets saved in your Favorites under StumbleUpon.Each being group there by subject.You can search for other Stumblers with similar interests and follow them.I find it quite useful.Its also pretty good for killing some quality time on the computer.Here is the link.Go and give it a try.If you are using Firefox it is easy to remove if you dont like it.It installs as an Extension.

Hello world!

I have decided that the world needs to read my words.Yes that’s right,I said the WORLD.Okay not really.If I get three people to read my rantings I would be happy.I usually start off all gun-ho and then get sidetracked or just get bored writing to myself.I don’t have an exciting life,nor do I really have anything profound to say.I just like to ramble about different things.Some days about politics.Other days it will be sports.Then maybe I will review a movie,video game,electronic device,book and so on.

A few things about me.I am a fantasy/sci-fi geek.Pretty good with computers.Linux is my preferred OS.I have a PS3 that I kill endless hours playing.I like sports.My favorites are hockey,football and auto racing.I am currently living in East TN.I am hoping that will change in the next year and I can move back to sunny Tampa,Fl.As you might have guessed from the title of my blog,I really enjoy the ocean.I am a Pisces after all.Here in TN there isn’t much ocean in the immediate area.So thats about it for blog one.Hopefully I will keep myself engaged enought to keep it going.